On Saturday, April 26th disorient yourselves with a night of reality bending mischief at JAIL BREAK: Optical Delusions! The 7th installment of Charleston’s most incarcerated music and arts festival is hosting an illusionist feat by local artists, artisans, dancers, musicians, comedians and more. An exhibit of optical illusions will transform the Old City Jail into a funhouse tribute to the minds of M.C. Escher and Lewis Carroll. Wander through the space with apprehension; and be prepared to lose yourself in a maze of visual and performance installations presented by Artist and Craftsman, The Art Institute of Charleston, and the Machiavellian geniuses of the local arts community. The newest components to the festival include a room dedicated to poetry, fashion exhibits, interactive jailhouse projections, and large-scale, perception-altering installations planted in rooms throughout the jail. All of the festival favorites are returning, including the Comedy Room, dance performances by Dancefx and The Charleston Dance Project, an offbeat Artisans Market, exciting musical performances and some mighty fine food truck cuisine. Mark your calendars, lace up the ol’ government issued shoes and get ready to run because parole is on its way, inmates!
Please note: Objects in this JAIL BREAK are closer than they appear.